Rent a MedaChair™  Freedom  - Safely Lowers & Lifts patients for Caregivers. Rolls through any door and over any commode
MedaChair™ Freedom - Safely Lowers & Lifts patients for Caretakers. Rolls through any door and over any commode
Rent a MedaChair™  Freedom  - Safely Lowers & Lifts patients for Caregivers. Rolls through any door and over any commode

Rent a MedaChair™ Freedom - Safely Lowers & Lifts patients for Caregivers. Rolls through any door and over any commode

  • Strengthens dignity
  • Eliminates accidents and injuries
  • Reduces post-operative complications
  • Improves patient care and satisfaction
  • Improved care for the caregiver
  • Safely lifts you up
  • Safely lowers you down
  • Use as bedside commode option
  • Rolls through any door
  • Rolls over any commode
  • Securely helps with transporting
  • Easy-to-use removable wastepan
  • All products come with a minimum 1 year warranty
  • We support our Veterans, Military and Law Enforcement
  • MedaChair is pre-assembled and ready for use!
  • Helps extend higher quality life
  • Registered with the FDA
  • Proudly made in the USA

MedaChair is the s and secure toileting chair option ever created. Eliminate injury and restore dignity with MedaChair today. The most trusted toileting chair in the world. "MedaChair is the greatest invention since the toilet." - Director Veterans Hospital 

Use as a bedside commode or over the toilet, MedaChair's award Utility-patented idea and design-patented design of the MedaChair delivers a safe, stable, easy-to-use toilet transfer solution that restores an individual’s ability to safely toilet in the comfort of their own privacy anywhere. With a simple press of a button, the MedaChair will raise and lower a person as needed.

The MedaChair is professionally recommended for individuals up to 650 lbs. There is also a MedaChair option for those who may need a bariatric frame model for taller or wider convenience.

MedaChair is officially registered with the FDA. MedaChair's Portable Beside Commode Lifting capability is a truly revolutionary device allowing toileting and lifting to be done one by one. The medical industry has been looking for many years for an answer to (the need for a device to both do toileting as well as work as a patient lift)

Freedom Specifications:

  • Max. Capacity: 650 lbs  
  • Seating Height: 19 inches (adjustable lower and higher)
  • Width: 24+ inches (adjustable)
  • Handlebars are removable 
  • MedaChair has feet-rest for easy balance and comfort
  • MedaChair secure frame technology -  aluminum 
  • The Frame will last a lifetime
  • MedaChair comes already assembled so it is simple for you - The MedaChair is very easy to install, use as a bedside or roll it through your doorway and roll the MedaChair over the toilet and relieve yourself with dignity. MedaChair is the safest- most secure toileting lift chair ever created. Eliminate Accidents, Injuries, and restore faith, hope, strength, and dignity.

If you have additional questions or need help configuring your unit, please do not hesitate to email us at

All MedaChair products were thought of, patented, made, assembled, tested, and sold in The USA! When a MedaChair is purchased we are supporting The United States of America. All USA Veterans receive a special price - please be sure to ask.  

We are happy to serve! 

Team MedaChair

We ship wold-wide. All USA orders have an average 7 business day delivery

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How much do they mean to you?

MedaChair has proven it's unmatched ability to help people heal faster, become more confident and determined to be well, and live longer because of the power of awareness it has to restore dignity to the person being cared for again.

Medachair is the greatest invention since the toilet

Engineered to last a lifetime and if you make the right decision then together we can help a person in need right now that's tired and ready to give up - don't let that be someone you love. Now lets do this - lets do the right thing and help someone who's hurting now.


MedaChair was thought of, patented, manufactured, assembled, packaged, sold and shipped in America by Americans. We support our Veterans, law enforcement, and Military.