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This is the first time I have ever done an unsolicited testimonial but I felt compelled to pass this on so others may have the positive experience with the Medachair as I have. 

I recently had a right total knee replacement and was discharged the day after the surgery. I had had an emergency left hip replacement 3 months earlier due to avascular necrosis. Now I had had 2 orthopedic surgeries within a 3-month time span that left me with problems with both lower extremities.My first trips to the bathroom after arriving home were problematic, in that I lowered myself down to the toilet as far as I could. The right knee pain was so severe midway down I actually just fell the rest of the way to the seat, landing hard on my right hip that was 3 months post-op. On the second day, I had a bedside commode but it was much the same as the day before. On the third day, I was introduced to the Medachair, and what a blessing that was. It worked like a lift chair but it fits over the toilet. It slowly lowered me down and raised me back and I felt very secure. I did not need any help to the toilet so my dignity was restored! I wanted others to know about the Medachair and how it worked for me. It has been a long time coming and there is such a need for this chair now, in the past and going forward. I am a retired RN and when I think of all the times I had to, pivot a 300 lb patient onto a bedside commode I recognize this is a game changer for patients and caregivers alike. I wholeheartedly support this company and am so glad to see a piece of equipment that I know will change outcomes for patients and will protect caregivers from injury.

Sarah Neny, RN, retired


As a nurse with over a decade of experience, I have witnessed numerous advancements in medical technology, but none have impressed me as profoundly as the MedaChair. The MedaChair has revolutionized patient care in my opinion.As it has significantly reduced the pain that usually comes from lowering and lifting patients and that translates into lowering the liability for our facility and institution.

Lisa W. (NP)


A caregivers best friend.

Christina T. (NP)